How to Attach and Install the Bubble to Your Cat Backpack

If you’re looking for a fun and functional way to take your cat with you on the go, look no further than a bubble backpack! These innovative backpacks feature a clear plastic dome that gives your kitty a comfortable and safe way to enjoy the sights while staying close to you. Plus, they’re super easy to attach and install – just follow these simple steps:

1) First, find a suitable spot on the back of your backpack where the Bubble will sit. It should be near the top so that your cat can comfortably peek out without being too low down in their carrier.

2) Next, use Velcro strips or adhesive tape to secure both sides of the opening at this location. Make sure it’s tight enough that there’s no chance of it coming loose but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable for your cat.

3) Now simply pop open the side panels of the Bubble and clip them onto either side of The straps holding up your backpack. And That’s it! You’re all set To wander Off Into The sunset With Your feline friend By Your Side.

What is a bubble backpack?

Bubble backpacks are clear, plastic bags that have a zipper and straps. They are popular among elementary school students because they can see all of their belongings inside the backpack. Bubble backpack typically hold less items than a regular backpack, but children often use them to store small toys or trinkets.

What are the benefits of using a bubble backpack?

One of the benefits of using a bubble backpack is that it can help protect your cat from other animals. If you live in an area with aggressive dogs, for example, having your cat in a bubble backpack will give her an extra layer of protection. Additionally, bubble backpacks are great for keeping curious cats contained – if your kitty likes to explore everything and everyone she comes across, a bubble backpack will help keep her safe (and make life much easier for you!).

How to attach and install the bubble to your cat backpack?

“How to keep your cat safe and comfortable in their backpack?” Assuming you are talking about attaching a bubble window to a cat travel backpack:

  • To start, make sure the area around where the Bubble will be placed is clean. If there are any teeth marks or other signs of wear, sand these down until they’re flush with the rest of the plastic.
  • Next, take some clear shipping tape and create a frame on both sides of where the window will go. You want there to be about an inch or two (2.5-5cm) between each piece of tape so that when you press them together they hold tight but still allow some room for error – this method also allows for easy removal if necessary!
  • After creating your frames with packing tape, do a dry run by holding them up against sunlight or another bright light source; check that no light can pass through except right in front of the intended viewing area. If everything looks good then it’s time to apply adhesive! We recommend using E6000 glue because it dries clear and creates a very strong bond, however please note that it takes anywhere from 24-48 hours before reaching full strength. For safety reasons we always recommend having someone help support/hold either side while bonding so that accidental dropping doesn’t occur.


“Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to attach the bubble window onto your cat backpack, there’s no excuse not to try it out! Your cats will love being able to see the world while accompanying you on all of your adventures.”